are creamy ribbons of paper thin ice-creams....


Inspired by a unique Taiwanese shaved ice dessert concept and carefully crafted recipes from around the globe, each of our frozen ribbons servings are shaved into yummy, sweet and creamy ribbons of ice-cream. Each of these signatures are frozen into cylindrical blocks and then shaved into paper thin icy ribbons to order from custom made machines. These delicate ribbons are then topped with a variety of nuts, syrups, fresh fruits and ingredients to choose from.



Rohit Kakde, Founder, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, owns and operates a few Food & Beverage brands in India and the United Arab Emirates. A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in establishing various business models and has previously worked in senior management roles in various companies across all industries. He operates out of his Dubai office and has tremendous support from his wife Sanaa Hnaina who heads the HR, Sales and Marketing and the Chief Financial Officer Syed Muhammad Ali Al Hussaini.

“The FROZEN RIBBONS is a unique and an exciting experience. Throughout the development of this amazing and an unique concept, special components and features were induced and developed for an ultimate experience! - Rohit Kakde

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